Author: Michael Nadeau
Edition Description: Illustrated
ISBN: 0078819822
Category: Science & Tech
Format: Softcover
Printing Year: 1994

Condition: Excellent

Software Included: CD

Synopsis This is a guide for both new and experienced adventurers into the world of CD-ROMs. Totally revised and updated from the first edition, this buyer's guide, standards guide, and troubleshooter includes a major new section on producing, using, and understanding CD-ROMs. Covering everything from applications and multimedia to compatibility, front ends, and hardware features, it also peers into the not-too-distant future to look at new and upcoming technologies. Includes a CD-ROM complementing the book's coverage.

Size Length: 405 pages

Publisher's Note Discusses all aspects of CD-ROMs--from applications and multimedia to compatibility, front-ends, and hardware features--and gives advice on buying, assessing standards, and troubleshooting. Original. (All Users).

Industry reviews "Easy-to-read overview to CD-ROM technology, applications, standards, procurement, and troubleshooting. The CD-ROM offers a sampler of utilities, graphics and sound files, authoring tools, and a cookbook." Darnton

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