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Author: Nilson Neuschotz
Category: Science & Tech
Publisher: Mis Pr
ISBN: 1558283390
Format: Softcover
Condition: Excellent
Printing Year: 1994

Software Included: CD (still sealed)

Publisher's Note
A groundbreaking beginner's guide to understanding and working with multimedia on Macintosh. The book takes a user-oriented approach to every step, from equipment and software selection to authoring sophisticated projects. Covers drawing, animation, video, and sound. Contains thorough instructions on output for presentation, CD-ROM and video.

Industry reviews
The Mac makes multimedia a reality for many with its capabilities to deal easily with video, audio, graphics, and text. Neuschotz takes you on a whirlwind tour of multimedia Mac-style in five parts. First, he describes the basics of multimedia, then he tackles the necessary equipment to create a multimedia system. Peripherals including scanners and devices to handle video and audio, graphics, and multimedia are also covered. The CD-ROM includes save-disabled versions of six commercial programs treated in the text. Illustrations throughout are useful, although at times the graphics are dark or too small to be much help. This book tackles a lot in its 381 pages, and the beginner might find it a little overwhelming!
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