Condition: Fully operational and excellent shape. (some scratches on casetop.)
Includes original 'clicky' keyboard

Advanced Personal Systems SYSCHK Information printout

PROCESSOR-- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Model: ZF-158-42
Processor: 8088
Coprocessor: No

SYSTEM BIOS-----------------------------------------------------------------
Source: Unknown
Date: -
BIOS Extentsions: Segment Copyright
C800-C9FF DTC 17-MAY-1985

Mouse Installed: No
Parallel Ports: 1
Device Base Address
LPT1 378h
Serial Ports: 1
Device Base Address UART
COM1 3F8h 8250

HARD DISKS------------------------------------------------------------------
HD1: Miniscribe 8425
Tracks: 639
Heads: 4
Sectors Per Track: 17
Size: 21.22 MB

FLOPPY DISKS----------------------------------------------------------------
Floppy Disk 1: 360K 5.25in (Panasonic JU-455-5ACG)
Floppy Disk 2: 360K 5.25in (Panasonic JU-455-5ACG)

Active Video: Color 80x25 using color card
BIOS Source: No Copyright found
CGA and Composite Output

Conventional Memory: 638 KB (595 KB Free)
Extended Memory:
Expanded Memory: None

RESIDENT PROGRAMS-------------------------------------------------------
Program Name Size Program Interfaces
------------ ---- --------------------------
DOS Kernel 34k
DOS Config 6k (Files = 20, Buffers = 10)
COMMAND.COM 3k Microsoft DOS 3.1

Throughput Speed: 3.13 MHz
CPU Clock Speed: 8 MHz (5/8 MHz switchable)

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Includes Computer and keyboard ONLY. Monitor not included.
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