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Diskettes (5.25") TURBO C++ 3.0, PART# 14LB-CPP01 BOR 1715
Diskettes ( 3.5") TURBO C++ 3.0 PART# 14LB-CPP02 BOR 1714.
No-nonsense license statement
Order form for Turbo C++ for Windows.
Order form for Turbo Vision upgrade order form (to version 3.0.?)
Ordering envelope.
Customer Support brochure
Turbo C++ Quick Reference Booklet
Free CompuServe Borland Forum Brochure
1992 Borland Product Catalog (Volume III Number 3L)

***No User's Guide (Still available on the 'net though)***

Requires DOS 3.31 or later and 80286 processor or better.

Features: Full implementation of AT&T C++ 2.1 and ANSI C. Support for templates (parameterized types). Enhanced performance. Precompiled headers speed program compilation. Programmer's Platform with DOS Protected-Mode Interface operation, unlimited undo/redo while editing, color syntax highlighting, and multi-file editor that supports macros and large files. Built-in assembler. VROOMM overlay linker that breaks the 640K barrier. Hypertext Turbo Help with copy and paste examples. Smart project manager that provides a visual MAKE utility. Standard C++ class libraries, including iostreams and complex numbers. Additional container class libraries with source code for lists, strings, arrays, sets, bags, and queues. More than 450 library functions, including complete graphics libraries. ? 1992.
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