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Processor: CX 6X86/IBM 6X86/CX 6X86L/IBM 6X86L/CX 686MX/IBM 6X86MX/AM K5/AM K6/IDT C6/Pentium/Pentium MMX
Processor Installed: Intel Pentium 166 MMX
Processor Speed: 75/90/100/120/133/150/166/180/200/233MHz
Chip Set: Acer TX Pro
Video Chip Set: None
Maximum Onboard Memory 384MB (EDO & SDRAM supported)
Memory Installed: 48MB
Maximum Video Memory: None
Cache: 512/1024KB
Cache Installed: 512KB
Dimensions: 254mm x 218mm
I/O Options: 32-bit PCI slots (5), floppy drive interface, game/sound interface, green PC connector, IDE interfaces (2), parallel port, PS/2 mouse port, PS/2 mouse interface, serial ports (2), IR connector, USB connectors (2), AT and ATX power connectors, audio in, CD-ROMs (2)
NPU Options: None

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Motherboard, RAM and CPU/w HSF ONLY. All other items in picture(s) for testing purposes only
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