All drive media, unless still sealed, have been individually tested by being formated, Scandisk tested (thorough mode), written to and read from. High Capacity media, such as tapes and removable cartridges, must pass with less than 1% total errors.
These are working 8 inch Iomega Bernoulli Box data cartridges, tested and error free. They are the 20MB cartridges that can be read and written to in a 20MB drive as opposed to the 10MB cartridges that can only be read.

To say that they are difficult to come by would be an understatment. If you've been searching for one for your Bernoulli Box, you know that the few that may be out there are VERY expensive.

Each cartridge has been individually tested by formating it in one drive of an A220H with the Surface Check option on under RDSDOS 7.04 and then doing a complete Surface Scan in the other drive to show inter-drive compatibility.
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